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Harbinger Uniforms The uniforms used in the 28th century have several modifications designed for comfort or practicality.

Biomesh A poly-alloy weave embedded in the fabric makes the surrounding environment comfortable for any species–without having to touch environmental controls. Also can be used to give a baseline for the medical department.

Water Resistance The newest generation uniforms were designed “like the feathers on a duck's back” to be water resistant, and the water just slides off. The uniforms can also detect a water-based activity and inflate or deflate as needed to keep the wearer above water.

Biological monitoring Coupled with the commbadge, these uniforms can provide an up-to-the-minute medical report of the vital signs of the wearer.

The uniforms worn in the later 2700's were a variant of a wartime uniform designed for the war with the Romulans. Featuring a two-piece jumpsuit, this uniform was mostly black, featuring a division-colored undershirt and a raised-collar design on the outer jacket where rank insignia were affixed. Division-colored stripes–three approx. 1/4 in stripes–were worn on both sleeves.

A new combadge was introduced for this uniform, featuring a singular delta with no underlying design, and, unlike combadges from previous eras, was colored gold (for officers) and bronze (for enlisted). A variant of the combadge, seen in silver, is common amongst starbase personnel–a holdover from the previous design.

A cadet variant–absent from the previous design–was also introduced, featuring a dark colored undershirt and division color stripes. The version of this uniform worn aboard vessels–such as on a cadet's training cruise–featured a silver outline around the stripes.

An optional variant of this uniform for senior officers consists of a dark grey jacket with division-stripes. This version, however, is little worn after the war, as for some it bares too much of a resemblance to the wartime grey jumpsuits used across starfleet.

A returning addition to the uniform is the reintroduction of assignment patches, however these are integrated parts of the uniforms–therefore requiring a ship issue a new crewmember new uniform jackets upon assignment. These often include the name of the assignment (or the registry number, in the case of ships with long or multi-word names), a logo unique to that assignment (the harbinger's is a comet encircling a nebula), and either the Starfleet motto (Ex Astris, Scientia, From the stars, knowledge) or the Ship's registry number.

The boots are a combat variant that has remained required even though the war has ended. The pants have pockets on the sides of the thighs and calves, allowing for additional storage. An optional black belt is included for all officers. Security and Tactical officers are also issued a thigh holster for their phaser–although if they opt for the traditional waist or shoulder holsters, it is optional. Engineering officers are offered the option for a one-piece coveralls in black, with the division-stripes present, as well as a work/tool belt and flame and plasma retardant gloves.

A specialized medical variant is available on some deep space explorers and starbases, and features an inverted design in a darker teal color than previously seen. This variant also has a lab coat and field jacket version with larger pockets designed to carry large amounts of medical supplies.

With addition to the uniform modifications already in production in Starfleet, special warfare uniforms (for Marines/Security only) are further crafted with a energy dispersal fiber network that is capable of absorbing most of the directed energy from energy weapons such as phasers/disruptors up to a limited number of times. (Between 3-6, depending on the garment and the wearer never knows how many). While the wearer still suffers some effects of getting hit by the weapon, it's more of a mild sting rather than a deadly blast. It cannot differentiate between kill/stun settings either…energy is energy. Once it absorbs it's maximum amount, the energy network is 'burnt out' and the normal effects of directed energy weapons is in full effect.

In addition it contains a smart non-Newtonian system embedded within the fibers of the uniform. Once it senses an impact of sufficient force, the garment is then 'tripped' creating a cerasteel plate system of small, overlapping scales (think scale male or chain ring armor). Once activated, the section of garment (such as a chest for body shots, an arm, etc) is permanently 'locked' into that configuration until it's reclaimed through the transporter. Each section acts independantly, however, one time the wearer can activate this feature turning his uniform into hard combat armor, where upon the entire uniform transfornts into an EVA locked combat armor. (this probably also initiates another dependant programmed mini transporter to 'port' in the necessary components to turn it into fully functioning combat armor.

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