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Communing with a God

Posted on Tuesday August 21st, 2018 @ 9:41am by Ensign Thad Walker

Mission: Audience with the King
Location: Harven V
Timeline: Current


Just a little nudge. Let me know if I missed anything in the backstory.

[[Harven V]]

The young man came skittering around a corner, his vast white robes flapping behind him as he nearly bowled over a serving girl. “Sorry” he shouted, short of breath. He came to an abrupt stop in front of two enormous metal doors, took a deep breath, and banged on giant knocker.

After a moment, the doors swung ponderously aside, revealing the King’s throne room.

“His irrelevantness, the page Alexander.” Announced an impossibly old Herald. The King nodded to the page, and two guards stepped aside, allowing him to enter. Alexander approached the gathered court and took a knee.

“Go on then, what is it?” Asked the King.

“My liege, the alien vessel has arrived, and has requested an audience. They will be arriving momentarily in the receiving room.”

The King rose, and nodded. “Where is Tamen?”

[[Tamen’s Room]]

An impossibly large man lay in a heap of tangled sheets, snoring loudly. His rooms were richly decorated, with lavish tapestries donning the walls and precious gems set into the walls and floor. The morning sun filtered through the large windows in his room, casting the kind of light haze that was so nice to wake up to.

He groaned and rolled over, his vast arm laying across a slender woman who was likewise asleep. The quiet, lazy morning was interrupted by a shrill, piercing voice.

“Get out of bed, you fat, useless pig!!” Yelled a woman, his sister, as she stormed into the chamber. “The King is looking for you. Get up, Get up now! You two, get the hell out."

Tamen harrumphed, then grinned wickedly as he slapped the bottom of one of the young girls that scampered out of his bed. They hastily grabbed their clothes, dipped a quick curtsy to the woman, and left without making eye contact.

“If you mess this up Tamen, so help me, you’ll regret it. We've worked too hard to get here."

“I’m up, I’m up.” He said. Quicker than one would think possible of the fat man, he rolled out of bed and donned his ceremonial robes. He then retrieved the Orb from its antechamber and carefully headed toward the throne room.

[[Throne Room]]

As the heavy doors swung open, Tamen waddled in carrying the Orb. “His holiness, Tamen Portand, High Priest of Ceren!” announced the herald. Tamen approached the dais and bowed.

“My King. I bring the Eye of Ceren.” He’d said the words, done this little song and dance a thousand times. He tried not to sound bored, but it was getting more and more challenging every day. Only he and the King knew what a load of crap it was, but the people seemed to need this sort of show, and they relished in it.

“Good, bring forth the Eye.” He said, and Tamen did as he was bid. The King laid a hand on the Eye, and the entire court fell silent. He closed his eyes, whispered some nonsensical words, then opened them. “Ceren has blessed this meeting!” He said, and rose from his throne. “Let us greet our visitors.”


I’ll leave it there.

Ensign Thad Walker
Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Harbinger


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