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A Good Book?

Posted on Saturday August 18th, 2018 @ 12:26am by Lieutenant Roxa Onaix & Commander Denise Walker

Mission: Audience with the King
Location: XO's Ready Room

The newly assigned Chief Intelligence Officer thought it might be wise to introduce herself to the Harbinger's second in command. As she approached the Executive Officers Office the Lieutenant tidied her uniform and pressed the chime to Commander Walker's ready room. She didn't have an official appointment so she was hoping she wasn't interrupting anything important, but it was to late now she had already requested access.

Denise was still trying to get her ready room, personalized. She heard the doorbell to her office go off. "Enter," she called out, as she grabbed a couple of books from a tote. And started to place them on the shelf. She heard the doors swish open. Denise continued to unpack her books.

Roxa entered and noticed the Commander continued to unpack her belongings and came to a very stiff attention "Lieutenant Roxa Onaix reporting as ordered ma'am"

"Have a seat Lieutenant, how was your flight to the Harbinger?" Asked Denise, looking to make a little small talk, it was the pilot thing to do. Plus in a small way, Denise was curious how her flight was?

Taking the offered seat Roxa smiled "pretty uneventful sir" the Lieutenant paused for a second and then added "a few minor course changes and several hours at warp five, gave me time to catch up on some reading."

"What story were you catching up on?" Asked Denise, trying to learn more about her. So far she was impressed by Roxa, her demeanor was good. She was impressed that the Roxa was able to read a book, while being a lone and bored on a small craft. Personally, Denise could not do it. She would be calling home to her fa

"I was actually reading re-reading some of the Betazoid history" she replied and quickly added "I find history pretty interesting."

"I'm not sure who said it, but there is a quote from Earth, and it goes like this; History has a way of repeating itself, if we do not learn from it." Said Denise, curious to see how the intelligence officer, was going to respond to that quote.

"I have heard that one before" the Lieutenant said with a smile "and I agree with it completely, if we can't learn from the past how can we grow?"

"So what lessons are you learning from the Betazed Culture?" Denise asked. She was curious what Roxa thought was a valuable lesson to learn. For Denise, she would have said their archaic political structure. For a race of telepaths, it works for them. But would not work for most races.

Roxa wasn't sure if the Commander knew she was Betazoid so she approached it softly "I find my peoples religion and politics fascinating." She paused and gave half smile, "which I know is a rather complicated mix in most societies."

Denise did not read into her file that she was betazed. But it did explain her eyes being black. A typical betazed feature. She smiled as she went on to ask, " What have you learned?" She asked.

"That the system we use on Betazoid wouldn't work for most" she paused for a second "I honestly prefer the way the Federation runs their government" the Intelligence Officer added.

Denise smiled, she anticipated that answer. "Are you familiar with our mission coming up?" She asked, as she was not sure if she needed to give her briefing?

"No ma'am" she paused and sat a little straighter in her chair "I have not been briefed as of yet" she gave a quick smile not sure if the Executive or Commanding Officer would be briefing the Lieutenant or if she needed much information on the current mission at all.

"Starfleet is sending us to Harven V, a class M planet. The planet's residents, have achieved warp, so we are being dispatched to make first contact with the inhabitants. We have very little information in regards to them. We know they are a monarchy society. And they believe they can communicate with their god, but honestly we do not have much to go on." Said Denise, wondering if Roxa had any questions. She tried to be straight forward with what little info they had.

"I guess that's where I come in?" she asked with a smile. "Intelligence gathering is usually an essential part of a first contact" she added and waited for the Commanders reply.

"We don't have a lot to go on, but if you can find us some more information. It would help us during first contact." Said Denise, wondering how long it would take Roxa, to review what ever files she had on this race.

"I'll see what I can dig up Commander" Roxa said with a smile, she wasn't actually sure how much info she would be able to find on the people of Harven V, but she would do a thorough investigation.

"Thank you Lieutenant, I will let you get to it then." Said Denise, as she stood up and motioned for the door with her hand, and made sure to walk her out. "It's been a pleasure meeting you."

"And you" Roxa said to the Commander with a smile before making her exit. While she made her way to the turbo lift she wore a smile. The meeting with the Commander was rather enjoyable.

Commander Denise Walker
Executive Officer
USS Harbinger

Lieutenant Roxa Onaix
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Harbinger


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