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JP with Denise and L'Velong

Posted on Thursday October 4th, 2018 @ 11:58am by Commander Denise Walker & Lieutenant L'Velong

Mission: Audience with the King
Location: Science Lab
Timeline: After "Posturing for power"

Denise walked into sickbay. Her mood was a little sour, after dealing with the marine commander. She was happy that she got that resolved. Now she had another uncomfortable thing to resolve. As she walked in, she smiled as she called out. "Hello." Called out Denise trying to the get attention of the chief science officer.

L'Velong looked up from her work with a dull expression, her eyebrows raised up slightly. "Yes Commander? Can I help you with something?" Turning back to look at her data she continued further as her fluffy tail swished quietly over the floor. "You'll have to pardon me I need to get these coordinates written down for the official star maps. If I had known you would be paying me a visit I would have made time for you."

"Where is the fun in that, Lieutenant. I prefer to see my people in action. Not some staged circus show for my amusement." She said mostly seriously, with a little humor twisted in. "I have time, please finish entering those coordinates." Said Denise as she waited for L'Velong to complete her work.

Looking back at the commander, she gave her the slightest smile and continued her work before sending them back to Starfleet. She took a seat in a chair and spun it around to face the commander, offering her a nearby workstation seat. "Oh I certainly wouldn't have staged anything, as long as the monitors are on we look busy. Now, what do I owe this honor?"

"Just making my rounds, Lieutenant. We have a little down time before our mission starts, so I wanted to get a chance to meet the departments heads. I am pretty easy to get along with, but as you figured out. I prefer surprise visits. I like to see my crew in their natural habitat." Suggested Denise. Easier to see in person, versus studying camera footage.

"I see, we'll this will certainly be mine for the remainder of the mission." L'Velong crossed one leg over the other "Seeing as our plans are to explore the vast beyond and I'm your lead astrometrics scientist I know I will have a lot of work ahead of me." A soft chuckle escaped her "but this will be something I have to boast about so I won't be complaining." Her blue eyes stared at Denise now "Commander can I ask what brought you to the Harbinger?"

"Official answer, Starfleet and the Captain decided I would be fit for this position. And offered it to me. Unofficially I wanted a change of pace. The Harbinger's Captain have been through a lot and deserves a first officer that will help him out, and I feel that I can learn a lot from him."

"I see, who wouldn't want to be out on this new part of history indeed. A change of pace though? Could I ask what your previous station had been?" L'Velong gave a slight smirk "The captain is certainly interesting, I would say he's young, but for someone my age many people are. But I can respect chain of command, and already I have a growing faith in our executive officer. I think this will be quite the mission."

"been a Helmsman and Second Officer of the USS Tomica for past decade, just hit ten years. The last two years as a second officer. The Tomica, is a great ship. But this was a great opportunity. Could not pass it up." Said Denise with a big smile. She missed everyone on her old ship.

L'Velong couldn't help but return the smile, thought not nearly as grandiose. "I understand that, I've been stationed many places but this is the best opportunity to have something I've discovered personally." Stretching in her chair "I'm not exactly a young adult anymore, time is catching up with me and if I am going to be charted in the annals of history with my mother then I need to pick up my pace.

"What was your favorite posting?" Asked Denise, she was curious what assignment she liked the best. Denise wanted to know how what things she liked, or things she did not like from an assignment. Denise had spent the past ten years on the Tomica, she welcomed a change of pace. For someone like L'Velong, she was clearly looking for something, since she had been assigned to a few posts.

"Well, if I must choose... " she sat there pondering for a moment "I suppose working with cadets at the academy was quite the experience. To be able to feel the curiosity and desire to explore the galaxy in the forms of these young officers, if anything it invigorated my own curiosities. However that sort of environment can become very stagnant quickly." She looked around the lab and gave a small smile "It feels good to have space under my feet again."

"I can appreciate your feeling about being in deep space, I can not imagine being stuck on a planet. I am an explorer, there is so much to see in the universe." Said Denise, as she started to open up a little to L'Velong. She was happy with her decision to serve on a ship, and not a base or a planetary outpost.

"That's something ingrained in every species of humanoid isn't it? We all long for what we don't understand, we wish to know more and understand more." L'Velong nodded "Curiosity is something we all happen to share, maybe for different end goals and reasons but curiosity is what drives us all."

"Agreed, that's what's so great about the universe, its so vast, and we have barely scratched the surface of what's out there in space. I can not wait to see what marvel we will find next." Denise said with a big smile. "I wish I could stay longer but I should be getting back to the bridge." Said Denise, as she made her way to the door.

"No by all means, I understand. I too should get back to my work." The vulcan-hybrid standing from her chair as her commander made her exit.

"It was a pleasure meeting you." Denise said, as she left the science lab. She was very pleased with her meeting with the chief science officer. She continued her tour, she was needed on the bridge before to long. And she had a few more stops to visit.

"Yes, and the same for you. I look forward to our working together and accomplishing great things for the Harbinger." The door closing behind the commander as L'Velong turned back to the star maps she was looking over.

Commander Denise Walker
Executive Officer


Lieutenant L'Velong
Chief Science Officer


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