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CDO Log 1

Posted on Tuesday June 26th, 2018 @ 7:13am by Lieutenant Asvit Hap

Well it happened, I'm CDO of a starship. Just like Budrur

Ican feel his pride through Hap, but it's kinda mixed with my own. All I've got to say is I hope Budrur's diplomatic skills are part of me now as Asvit Hap. I'd hate to royally screw up something easy by doing something stupid. But time will tell on that score. But one thing I have noticed about myself, I have inherited his fondness for board games. And I don't know if its Asvit or Burdrur but there is a crazy idea about that as a diplomatic tool

"It would keep them talking" Hap tells me. And I cant help but agree

I'll run it by my new CO. Who knows


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