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Rat Bastard

Posted on Wednesday June 7th, 2017 @ 4:12am by Lieutenant Arin Merkara-Murphy

Arin awoke and showered. "Another day in paradise," she muttered to herself. Walking into Shannon's room, she said, "Up and at 'em sleepyhead. Learning waits for no one. Computer full illumination, locked to my voiceprint." As the room brightened, Shannon covered her head with the pillow. Arin grabbed the covers and yanked sending the blanket to the end of the bed and pillow on the floor.

In her best mom voice, she added. "Up, now." She even went so far as to throw Shannon's legs onto the carpet. "If you get up and shower, I will make cinnamon pancakes, if you don't, you get oatmeal, plain. "Okay, I'm going. Geez."

As she passed, Arin swatted her in the backside. "If you were more compliant, I wouldn't have to act as your drill instructor young lady."

"Computer two mashed soft boiled eggs, with butter, salt and pepper, plus a large mug of black tea." Arin said.

"There are 47 varieties of black tea. Please specify from Assam, Darjeeling, Keenum, Nilgiri...." the computer replied.

"Irish, ya glorified toaster" with her ire raised, it brought out the brogue accent in her.

The replicator whirred and her breakfast appeared. "Set the timer for a plate of cinnamon pancakes with bananas on top, butter, and a sprinkling of brown sugar. Coincide with the sonic shower shut off."


Sitting down she stirred her eggs and took a forkful as she tapped the padd looking over the day she had in front of her. An incoming email notification popped up along with a return receipt, she saw it was from her ex-husband. Tapping the item to open it, the padd sent the receipt. It was more paperwork, where Michael was trying to amend his visitation rights.

"TOOL!" Arin yelled so loudly that Shannon turned off the shower, causing the replicator to kick out the pancakes. Shannon's voice from the bathroom, called out. "Mom, are you okay?"

Regrouping quickly she replied "Yes my love, just surprised at something in your da's email, that's all. Come eat breakfast once you get dressed."

Yet another thing she'd have to fight over with her ex.


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