Everything In It's Place

Posted on Sunday January 22nd, 2017 @ 1:20am by Lieutenant Commander Elonat

Elonat stood at the window, looking out for a moment then placing a small plant with a single blue flower on the table in front of the window. He looked at its simplicity and enjoyed its symbolism.

"You brought a flower from Donegal?" Adeline said as she came out from the bedroom to the left. She came up beside her father and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I thought you would enjoy this reminder of home. I'm sure we will be here for a while and who knows when you will be able to see this rarity again." He reached up at patted his daughters hand. He looked over and gave a small smile. "I have to get to the office and officially get started."

"Alright dad. I think I will just relax here at home and maybe later see about getting my studies transferred. With the transfer I should be able to pick up in a week or so to get caught up." She stepped forward and touched a petal of the blue beauty.

Elonat nodded slightly knowing the choice to bring a sample was comforting for his child. "Agreed, this is a much bigger ship with much a variety to help aid in your studies. Remember that sickbay is on deck 7, that is where I will be." He waited for her to turn and acknowledge him then he turned away to leave. "I shall return within six hours."

"Love you daddy." She replied.

He walked into the hall and as he approached the lift he pressed the button and waited for a moment until the doors opened. He entered and commanded. "Deck seven, sickbay." A beep was followed and then the left moved along. It only lasted a moment or two but the lift was efficient. The doors opened and within only a few steps was sickbays doors.

He approached and entered and looked around. A couple of familiar faces from several personnel files came to view as he gazed the medical staff. This is it, he thought and headed for the main office.