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Lieutenant L'Velong

Name L'Velong

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian/Vulcan Hybrid
Age 78

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 128lbs
Hair Color Salt and Pepper
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A average sized Caitian and Vulcan hybrid, sporting more hair on her face then a Vulcan would normally have. Her hair is styled in a similar Vulcan fashion with short bangs and it cut closer to the head, black in nature. Eyebrows turned up in similar Vulcan physiology, her nose however and mouth both cap off a small snout from her Caitian roots and her pointed Vulcan ears are larger and sporting a bit of fur. Her eyes are a bright and curious blue, and her skin tone is a natural peach tone where it can be seen. She is in good shape and her body is just barely starting to show the effects of aging. She sports a tail though it looks more like a typical cat tail rather a lion or other large feline. She walks on her toes like Most Caitians as well but lacks the large claws most Caitians come equipped with.


Access Code L'Velong-Echo-3-5
Security Clearance
Assigned Shift
Location of Quarters


Spouse Luka Breban - Divorced Age 52
Children Maow Breban - Daughter Age 34
Lotoka Breban - Daughter Age 34
Luka Breban Jr. - Son Age 32
Father L’Mash - Deceased
Mother Y’Jorell - Age 150
Brother(s) L’Lok - Age 71
L’Sauk - Age 64
Other Family Jokkat - Grandson Age 14
Multiple Nieces and Nephews

Personality & Traits

General Overview A no nonsense woman L’Velong sometimes seems lacking in passion most of the time, but that is just because of her Vulcan blood. Outbursts are possible with enough frustration but normally she is calm and collected and gets absorbed in anything scientific. She respects the chain of command of course but tends to feel rather wise compared to most of the younger people she ends up working with, she’s not afraid to give her two cents.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-Slightly above average strength and agility
-High Intellect
-Familiar in many forms of Science
-Wisened with Age
-Roughly Middle Aged
-At Risk for Heart Failure
-Slightly Weaker Bones
Ambitions To chart this new system and be part of this new frontier. If anything she would love to publish any and all findings on this new part of space, and hopefully finally get that motherly recognition she’s always wanted from her Vulcan matron.
Hobbies & Interests L’Velong enjoys spending her time reading of course, as a science officer she is constantly trying to broaden her horizon of her knowledge. Besides that she can be found enjoying the Earth sport of fencing and is always keen to fight new opponents other then those programmed into holo-programs. Her guilty pleasure is tales of swashbuckling and pirates, but more of the glamorous and theatrical kind. This can be thanks to her former husband and his love of antique films and media from Earth. She prefers to listen to music from Vulcan finding their melodies resonate with her and her sensitive ears, and allow for her to focus more on what she is working on. When she is wanting to let loose however she prefers Klingon Ballads.

Personal History L’Velong was the first born to both of her parents, a rowdy and exuberant Caitian named L’Mash, an engineer within Starfleet. Her mother a Vulcan scientist, and a well respected on even on Vulcan itself. Her legacy overtime would prove to be difficult to get past for Velong. Their family dynamic was a curious one, Velong spent time with both her Mother and father at separate times. Both of their careers didn’t always overlap, though there was one point when both were stationed together but those times were rare. But the love between her parents was broad and if you watcher her father he seemed madly consumed by her mother. Vulcans of course were much harder to read when it came to emotion, however her father always mentioned that when they were together he could see the corners of her mouth turn up just a bit more than usual. To him these were the signs of her passion for him, and now when she speaks to her mother of her father L’Velong can swear she sees those same corners curve downward.
L’Velong and her brothers were raised within the vulcan ideology but both parents never completely pushed either of their people’s culture or lifestyle on their children, preferring to let them explore their own beings. Velong was the one that most fell into the Vulcan ideologies of keeping one's emotions under control but even she lacks the discipline to control it at all times. Her passion for science also made her fall under her mother’s wing quite quickly, but that wing wasn’t always the sweetest. Expecting her daughter to be the best, the most skilled, to outpace her class. A lot of pressure was on L’Velong, and she would study independently for sometime before enlisting into starfleet and joining the academy. Pursuing a doctorate in Astometrics and exploring many realms of Science over the years.
Eventually she would marry her first husband, and so far only husband, Luka. A very astute writer of fiction and storytelling, both in written form and holosuite. Their love was tender and young and for many years they found closeness together and even had children. However the passion eventually fizzled out. Though a love is still there they both had gone their separate ways now.
Service Record 2700: Transfered to U.S.S. Harbinger
2686-2700: Worked in Starfleet on Earth MAybe the Academy
2672-2686: Station starship
2669-2672: Station Starbase on planet
2663-2669: Station on Starship
2656-2663: Station on starbase blank
2648-2656: Starfleet Academy and Doctorate in Astometrics