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Captain Devin Neely

Name Devin Neely

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 145
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Despite being young, Devin has seen his fair share of battle, and its obvious in the silver hairs that dart across his head. He appears to be older than he really is.


Access Code Neely-Alpha-1-4
Security Clearance Alpha 1
Assigned Shift Alpha Shift
Location of Quarters Deck 2


Father Frederick Neely
Mother Kiara Burns
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Devin comes off as a serious and no-nonsense captain, which comes from his dedication to the mission. He can come off as cold sometimes, especially when the ship hasn't completed its current goal and he's focused on completing it.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Dedicated to the job, and to his ship and crew.
+Sets reachable goals for himself, the crew, and the ship.
-Tends to forget about the crew's needs when reaching the goals he sets.
Ambitions Devin wants his name to go down in history next to some of the species he encounters--and alongside the name of the ship.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Born in, Irvington, Kentucky, Devin is the only child born to Frederick and Kiara Neely (nee Burns). When Devin was five, his parents got him his first pet, a Black Lab named Aztec. Owning this pet helping him learn responsibility and opened his love for animals.

Devin got interested in the medical field at a young age. He has always been interested in the human body. He would read as much as he can about it, and even excelled in human biology classes while in school. He thought long and hard about going into Starfleet Medical or going to a university to work in a hospital or clinic. He decided on Starfleet so he wouldn’t be tied down and be able to see all sorts of places while stationed on a starship.

In his first 2 years at the academy, Devin was caught giving other cadets prescription medications that they were not prescribed, and this lead to tensions between himself and his fellow cadets after it came out.

Many were wary of him for much of his second year after he was caught. After it continued through his second year, he went in front of a disciplinary board, where he was saved from expulsion by just one vote. He served out a 4-month on-campus suspension just prior to the end of his second year.

He stayed through the summer in an attempt to make up his missed classes, and it was while doing homework for a class he truly began setting goals for his career in Starfleet. The rest of his academy years were uneventful.

After graduation from the Academy, Devin was assigned to the USS Washington (NCC-8625C), where he quickly proved himself more than capable. While there he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and was soon in the thick of things as exploration began anew.

A few years later he was transferred to the USS Virginia (NCC-9655) where he remained until the beginning of the civil war. He was reassigned after it started.

He was assigned to the USS Artemis (NCC-81297G) at the beginning of the war, and was promoted to Lieutenant and made CMO. He would remain on the Artemis for the next 5 years, getting a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

His final assignment before taking command was to the USS Kumari (NCC-61172H) where he served as XO at request of Starfleet command. It was in preparation for the future mission of the USS Harbinger (NCC-32665) where he would be in command. He was also promoted to Commander upon taking this assignment

Following the Second Romulan war, he was promoted to Captain and sent out to the newly discovered area of space, where he was given command of the USS harbinger.
Service Record