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Lieutenant Commander Elonat

Name Elonat

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Elonat is clearly Vulcan, but up-close his blue eyes reveal his mixed heritage. He is a tall and handsome man but his voice is soothing and charming. He has a scar on the upper left front shoulder. An injury that he keeps to himself from a accident during the Academy.


Access Code Epsilon-Cadwell-5-5-5
Security Clearance Bravo 1
Assigned Shift Alpha Shift
Location of Quarters Deck 5, Port Side


Children Adeline Cadwell: Age 19, Adopted Daughter
Father T'Los
Mother Sabine Thomas
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview [2757] - [2766] Born-Age 9
Born on Vulcan, the little Elonat spent a few years on his home world before taking to open space as his father and mother tried to help the transition the Federation was moving towards; away from military action to begin exploring again. Many battleships mothballed.

Adeline is born

[2773] - [2775] Age 16-19
Started and completed Star-Fleet Academy. Completed Medical training as well during which time the Klingon, Kazon and Hirogen ships begin taking back Klingon space from the Romulans. He was assigned to the USS Romania as the Romulans successfully pushed back the Klingon, Kazon and Hirogen forces. He severed under Doctor Meyers as an Ensign on the USS Legion

[2778] Age 21
The Federation civil war ends as the Romulans launch an unsuccessful attack on Deep Space Nine. Which had Adeline’s parents killed. Thus Adeline age 10 is adopted by Elonat whom was on the USS Paralax.

[2781] - [2782] Age 24-25
Moved back to Earth for Adeline to experience planet life. They only stay a year before choosing to move back to starship life. She intends to become a medical officer like her father. This change is due to the news of the Romulan fleet entering Federation space and causing war.

[2784] Age 27
The Klingon Empire and her allies seize the opportunity and begin attacking Romulan positions within old Klingon space. He serves onboard the USS Strongchild as Lead Medical Officer. Under the command of Captain Michael Moore

[2785] Age 29
Serving as Chief Medical Officer for the USS Explorer. Ship was recalled for major upgrades after he was onboard for over a year.

[2787] - [2788] Age 30-31
Elonat is assigned to the Harbinger
Strengths & Weaknesses Elonat is very calm and resourceful and can multitask with efficiency. His dedication to uphold the medical oath can sometimes find him in complicated situations and he will sometimes risk his own safety to accomplish a cause.
Ambitions He wishes that the future holds a better tomorrow for his daughter. Maybe even find someone special for himself.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys some recreational actives including holonovels and creating medical programs to help educate new minds.

Personal History
Service Record [2773] - [2775] Age 16-19
Starfleet Academy and Medical Officer for the USS Legion

[2778] Age 21
Medical Officer for the USS Paralax

[2784] Age 27
Lead Medical Officer for the USS Strongchild

[2785] Age 29
Chief Medical Officer for the USS Explorer.

[2788] Age 31
Chief Medical Officer for the USS Harbinger